We can help find your energy the ‘sweet spot’ and consequently, impressive savings.

Thermal Efficiency leads to substantial savings

There are several factors that come into play when configuring an air conditioning or refrigeration system for optimal energy efficiency.

Some of these considerations are:

  • Energy rating of the cooling or refrigeration equipment.
  • Type of cooling or refrigeration equipment.
  • Ratio between the space (in terms of area) to be cooled or refrigerated and the power capabilities of the cooling or refrigeration equipment.
  • Energy loss or gain through the quality and consistency of insulation installed.

We offer solutions that work for you, not against you

When you enlist Clarence Coast Air Conditioning to address your air conditioning or refrigeration needs, we first conduct a thorough inspection to measure all of these considerations in relation to each other.

Then, based on our knowledge and experience of available equipment energy ratings; we ‘marry’ the best equipment for the task to your circumstance. If we discover deficits in the spaces your require to be cooled or refrigerated that may impact negatively on the efficiency of the units we recommend, we’ll let you know and provide you with ideas for addressing them.

This process is especially helpful in the medium to long term, essentially because if your equipment is functioning optimally (and not over straining due to deficiencies within your spaces), you will benefit from substantial savings on your energy bill.

You’ll be surprised, after we’ve done our analysis how dramatically simple energy leaks can impact your power bills over time. You’ll be equally surprise at how easy it is to address many of the most common sources of wasted energy.

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